The CTR12000 is designed to simplify vehicle collision repair. The high powered, medium frequency inverter operation of the this welder is ideal for today’s newer materials, including high, ultra-high, and laminated steels. The process-regulated system provides clear quality assurance.

The integrated quality assurance management system monitors the joining process from end to end; starting with a definition of the initial weld situation, monitoring and adjusting through the weld, and ending with the completion of the weld. The system can recognize and adjust for specific situations such as bonding material and shunt effect. Rather than having a
fixed pre-pulse, the welder uses a dynamic prepulse feature which recognizes actual burn through. Easily determine the weld results via the QS Traffic Light indicators. View System Feedback
and acknowledge messages right from the C-Gun.

Features and Benefits

  • Automatic recognition of total material thickness via Pulse-Sonar-System
  • Automatic recognition of material type via Virtual Generator
  • Automatically establishes required settings to ensure the proper weld nugget
  • Advanced quality control system that monitors and adjusts the welder to guarantee the total energy input
  • Extremely powerful with welding current up to 12,000 Amps
  • Greater power efficiency via the 10 KHZ transformer C-Gun
  • Completely liquid-cooled welding, from the power module all the way to the caps, providing a greater Duty Cycle
  • Easily upgraded via convenient USB port
  • Reproducible welding quality

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