Wakeman Equipment Sales is committed to providing our customers with only the best in equipment and services. With over 30 years of collision repair experience, including hands-on repair and shop management, we recognize the challenges and opportunities facing body shops today. Wakeman Equipment has learned first hand what shop owners need to become more profitable and what is the best product to help them achieve their goals.

Wakeman Equipment remains committed to our customers after the installation of our equipment.

Equipment that is maintained on a consistent basis will perform more efficiently.

How does Wakeman Equipment continue to support you after the sale is done?

  • Office personnel will call you on a regular basis to find out how your equipment  is working
  •  GARMAT USA recommends changing filters in your booth or prep every 800-1000 hours.  Wakeman Equipment will call YOU to remind you of this and offers top of the line filter media.
  • Our technicians can perform annual mechanical inspections on your equipment to ensure you do not have down time.  Preventative Maintenance will decrease your chance of emergency calls.
  • Wakeman Equipment offers a Commitment to Service that will guarantee the best and most consistent care of your equipment.  This Commitment will also Discount the cost of service calls, labor hours, filter media and parts.

You have made a huge investment.

The company that sold you the equipment must continually support that investment.

Wakeman Equipment is committed to our manufacturers and our customers.