Speed and Speed Plus

The perfect fit for light hits!

The Speed can handle most types of sheet metal damage. What makes this bench different from most ordinary alignment benches is that Speed’s versatility allows you to complete almost the entire job on just one bench. All repair and service operations can be performed quickly and effectively using a single set-up. You avoid  the unnecessary interruptions that arise when moving the car between different work stations for steps such as disassemble, alignment, welding, sanding and filling. This gives you a greatly improved work flow and keeps the larger benches free for more advance work, increasing your overall woskshop capacity.

Features and Benefits

  • Designed for cosmetic damage repairs (can handle most types of sheet metal damage) and other light service and repair work
  • Small footprint makes it the perfect addition to any type of repair/service shop
  • Ergonomic design – easy to reach damaged areas with nearly 6′ maximum lift height
  • Versatile – the entire job can be completed using just one bench, shortening cycle times and increasing profits
  • Quick set-up time -drive or roll the car over the lifting platform, 4″ resting clearance
  • 5-ton draw aligner offers 360° multi-angle pulling with Speed Plus
  • Flexible installation – can be installed above or in-ground

Speed Rack Speed and Speed Plus Brochure 

Car-O-Liner_Speed_06 imagehandler speed-bench-drawaligner2