Car-O-Tronic Vision2 X1 & Vision2 X2

Car-O-Tronic Vision is a computerized measuring system supporting the entire repair process from initial  damage analysis and assessment to final checks and documentation. Combine the precise functionality of the Car-O-Tronic Vision measuring slide with our user friendly Car-O-Data vision software to create the perfect measuring slide that is equally effective for both small and large collision repair shops. Backed by the world’s largest vehicle database, it is fully compatible with any alignment system.

The Car-O-Tronic Vision is a photo-based measuring system that allows you to look at actual vehicle photos to help you quickly find and target measuring points at any time, while monitoring the pulling. In addition, several measuring points are shown graphically on your computer screen during the repair allowing for the highest degree of accuracy and speed for precise and efficient repairs. Finally, at the end of the process, you can print out and give customers a document certifying that the vehicle has been accurately repaired, or e-mail the report to the shop estimator, insurance carrier, or the vehicle owner thereby offering quick information for billing and processing.

Features and Benefits

  • Database for over 14,000 cars, trucks and SUV’s
  • Precise measurements for all under and upper-body locations
  • Photo-based images offer easy identification
  • Wireless, no targets, sensors or lasers
  • Not affected by noise, wind or sun
  • Compatible with nearly any frame system
  • Easy upgrade to Car-O-Tronic Vision X3

Measuring SlideCar-O-Tronic Vision2 X2 Brochure

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