Quick 42

The Quick42 is a multi-functional bench that provides easy access for cosmetic repairs and offers the ability for anchoring on the same platform if structural repairs are needed, thus shortening repair cycle times and resulting in a ‘quick’ solution to increase ship profitability.

Fast set-up, easy access, quick anchoring and adjustable working height are features that measurably decrease repair time.

Features and Benefits

  • Universal set-up reduces time, cost and space
  • integrated power unit keeps floor clear of hydraulic and air lines
  • lightweight removable ramps for easy vehicle access
  • Powerful 10-ton draw aligner with multi-angle pulling and 360° access
  • Compatible with EVO systems 1, 2, & 3 and the Car-O-Tronic Measuring System
  • Flexible installation; fixed, mobile or fit mountings
  • Meets several OEM equipment requirements


Car O Liner 571-11, Q42Quick 42 Brochure

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